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10 Ways to Be Active This Summer in Central Park

Things to See and Do

10 Ways to Be Active This Summer in Central Park

It’s the perfect time to be active in the Park! Want to get moving in New York City’s backyard? We’ve got you covered with these 10 ideas.

Ladle from the 1800's

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8 Secrets of Central Park

Central Park can surprise even lifelong New Yorkers with secluded spots and enthralling secrets.

Shakespeare Garden

Things to See and Do

Where to Find Spring Blooms in Central Park

Looking for some of this season’s most photogenic landscapes? Here are your must-see destinations for beautiful spring blooms in the Park.

Shakespeare Garden Plaque

Things to See and Do

Secrets of Shakespeare Garden

Named for poet and playwright William Shakespeare, this Garden is designed to evoke the Bard’s native English countryside. test


Things to See and Do

Tips from Central Park's Volunteers

With so much time spent in New York City’s backyard, volunteers quickly discover helpful tips and special spots. They’re sharing some of their favorite recommendations.

Bethesda Arcade

Things to See and Do

From the Mailbag: Solitude, Sports, and Skyline Views

We received curious inquiries on everything from the best places to take skyline photos to the history of the Minton tile ceiling in the Bethesda Terrace Arcade. Read our responses.

Dating Ideas

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10 Date Ideas in Central Park

Whether you're visiting for a first date or a longtime anniversary, here are 10 ideas for a fun getaway in the Park.

Wagner Cover in Winter

Things to See and Do

20 Ways to Enjoy Winter in Central Park

Stumped about how to spend a winter day in the Park? We’ve got you covered.

Jogging the Bridle Path

Things to See and Do

The Runner’s Guide to Central Park

Central Park is a runner’s paradise. The Park offers a wide variety of loops and trails, and there is no shortage of groups that use the Park as their running hub. Enjoy this runner’s guide to Central Park!

Foliage at the Pool

Things to See and Do

Where to Find Fall Foliage in Central Park

It’s one of the Park’s most photogenic times of year, and we’re asked a lot this season about when and where to find the best fall foliage. We’re here to help!