Every New Yorker has a unique relationship with the Park. The fresh air, expansive views, and ample space for social distancing allow us to recharge physically and mentally during these unsettling times. Share your story on social media using the hashtag #MyCentralPark. You can also share your #MyCentralPark story by submitting it here.

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At the Central Park Conservancy, we remain committed to caring for your 843-acre backyard. It’s our shared responsibility to look out for each other. Please enjoy your time in the Park safely and considerately.

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Central Park Conservancy staff member

Central Park Conservancy staff remain committed to keeping the Park clean and accessible during this time. A vibrant Central Park cleans the air for New Yorkers and provides a place for mental and physical well-being. Learn about the people behind our work with these wide-ranging articles and videos.

Watch #MyCentralPark: Story from Marshall

The Conservancy staff remains committed, more than ever, to maintaining Central Park.

Watch: Meet the Arborists of Central Park

Our tree experts have a deep understanding of the Park’s 18,000+ woody plants.

Watch: Get to Know the Conservancy's Rustic Team

Meet the team behind the Billy Johnson Playground's rustic woodwork.

Read: Q&A with Sara Cedar Miller, Historian Emerita

Hear from Sara about her new edition of Seeing Central Park and more.

Central Park Virtual Tours and Programs

April Monthly Mile

Join us every Wednesday for a short virtual tour of Central Park.

Discovery Activities

Enjoy an adventure in Central Park from home!

#MyCentralPark at Home

Central Park can still provide joy from afar! Here are fun activities for adults and kids alike — ranging from word games to coloring.
Digital Backgrounds

Dress up your next Zoom meeting, or add Central Park to your mobile or desktop background.

Coloring Activities

A great way for kids to "explore" the Park with color.

Pilgrim Hill

Test your knowledge of everything Central Park.

Word Scrambles

Enjoy the mental health benefits of these Park-themed word scrambles!

Jigsaw Puzzles

Soothe your mind and help pass the time with these Park-themed jigsaw puzzles, featuring a few of our favorite sights within Central Park.

Help Us Keep Central Park Clean and Vibrant — Now and Always

Conservancy staff continues to work in the Park daily, to ensure the Park is clean and open to all, now and always.

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